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Welcome to Anuradha Gems

Our company “Anuradha Gems” has a very long and colourful history of ten years. We are specialized and highly knowledgeable in Gem cutting and polishing. We are a professional and a reputed company with a vast experience for Gem purchasing and selling. Read More


Our Gems

Anuraadha Gem is one of the companies that provide different kind of attractive and native Gems to the market. Their mines are situated in Elahera, Sri Lanka. If you looking for quality gems, Anuradha Gems is the place..

History of Sri Lankan gems

Sri Lanka has been very famous for precious gems. It has a major variety of unique gems. So it is known as Ratnadweepa which means Gem Island.

Sri Lanka has nearly 75 varieties of precious gemstones but ptolemy , the 2nd century astronomer has found out that beryl and sapphire were the mainstay of Sri Lanka s gem industry . Marco Polo has state that the island had the best sapphires, topazes, amethysts and many more.

Sri Lanka occupies a unique geologic position in Ratnapura. Ratnapura contains the most gem deposites and derived its name from the gem industry. Ratnapura means “ City Of Gems “.

The blue sapphires also-known as Ceylon sapphires are unique in colour, clarity and lustre compared to the blue sapphires from other countries.


  • I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I bought Blue Safaya gem stone from Anuradha Gems, and it looks great! Thanks very much for giving me this Gem and it’s really looking beautiful. Thanks for your services. I will definitely look into your gems for the future